1 x Starfrost spiral freezer and refrigeration pack, comprising of:

Manufacturer – Starfrost.

Model – 85-22RR-21.5 with North-North configuration.

Stainless steel mesh belt width – 560mm.

Maximum product height – 130mm.

Number of floors/tiers – 21.5.

Infeed height – 880mm.

Outfeed height – 3568mm.

Variable speed belt control.

Output capacity – 1,000-2,000kg depending on product.

Power of the spiral freezer is 10kw.

Length of mesh belt – approx. 250m.

Dimensions of enclosed box containing each spiral freezer – 5650mm long x 4350mm wide x 4m high approx.

Comes with electric defrost function.

Advised to have 200mm to 500mm space above the spiral freezer for air flow for the fans.

Comes with CIP system.

Refrigeration pack to be supplied with:
1 x GEA Grasso 2-stage compressor.
Date of manufacture – 2003.
Power output – 55kW.

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