Manufacturer: SEYDELMANN


Model: Complete Grind Line

Date of manufacture: 2015

Operational working hours: Under 200 hours.


Complete Seydelmann Grind Line, including 4 components as follows:

  1. Seydelmann AE130/3 M Automatic Feed Grinder. 130mm (5.1″) hole plate diameter. Adaptors for single or double cut. 350 litre hopper, two speed working and feeding augers, attached loader for tote bins.
  2. Seydelmann MRU 1300 Mixer Grinder. 200mm (7.8″) hole plate diameter. 2 speed working auger. 1,300 litre (2,500 Lbs.) hopper. Equipped with bottom end discharge door if second grind is not required. Includes adaptors for single or double cut, load cell platform, water dosing system CO2 cooling with exhaust cover.
  3. Seydelmann SF Screw Conveyor. Directly mounts to AE130/3 Grinder with all connection hardware. Vertically transfers ground meat to Seydelmann Mixer Grinder.
  4. Seydelmann SF 2 Screw Conveyor. Collect ground meat from Seydelmann Mixer Grinder into horizonal screw which feeds the Vertical Screw.

Entire system 460V/3PH/60HZ.

Includes Seydelmann Command 600 control panel.

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