TS Techniek B.V. SHASC-6000x650 Super Hot Air Cooker

TS Techniek B.V. SHASC-6000x650 Super Hot Air Cooker

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1 x TS Techniek B.V. Super Hot Air Cooker. 

Model - SHASC-6000-650. 

Type - 6000x650, thermal heating system.

The SHASC-6000x650 works on the principle of heat distribution through the method of air circulation. By heating (steam injected) air while it is being circulated into two separately controlled temperature zones, food products can be cooked to achieve any end result desired.

Stainless steel wire mesh belt, useable dimensions of 600mm wide x 6000mm long. 

Features belt-cooling, belt-cleaning and CIP systems.

Previously used to cook chicken products.  

Supplied with manual.


ManufacturerTS Techniek B.V.
ModelSHASC-6000x650 Super Hot Air Cooker
Stock NumberUKFM2-4385