PSS 705 Vacuum filler

No longer available

PSS 705 Vacuum filler

Melksham, United Kingdom


The PSS SFV Speed Filler Vacuum is a multifunctional device designed for small, medium and large operations in the food industry. It gives perfect filling of meat products and other food products.

The device guarantees effective usage and ensures a continual process of metering and filling of processed materials. The processed material is fed into the hopper, where it is caught by two feeding worms that gently move it towards the metering device or to direct filling through the tube to the clipping machine.

The PSS SFV is as standard equipped with a vacuum system, which inhibits the possible creation of air bubbles in the final product.

SFV 705

  • speed filler vacuum (salami, sausages, frankfurters)
  • for meat with a temperature from +3 °C to +50 °C
  • without mixing spiral

Basic options selection

Dosing device of pulse type for frankfurters with accuracy of ±1%. For all types of casings – natural or synthetic

Dosing tube for dosing device: Standard Ø 12 mm; as an option possible Ø 10 mm, Ø 17 mm

Straight tube or knee with an adapter for cans (SFV 705, SFV 720)

Trolley for accessories

Lifting device for standard 200 litres trolleys


Model705 Vacuum filler