Frigoscandia Midget Spiral Freezer

Frigoscandia Midget Spiral Freezer

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1 x Frigoscandia Midget spiral freezer with refrigeration pack.

Model - GYRoFREEZE. 

Belt width - 400mm total, 360mm useable.

Belt configuration - North-North. 

Belt length - 168m plus 2.5m infeed conveyor. 

Product gap - 70mm.

Capacity - between 300-1000kg/h depending on product. 

Retention time - between 10 mins to 180 mins. 

Fitted with Freon DX coil. 

Bitzer pack duty - 60kw at -40degC.

Insulated box / cabinet size - 5.4m L x 3.1m W x 2.5m H approx.

Location - East Yorkshire, UK.


ModelMidget Spiral Freezer
Stock NumberUKFM2-2864