Nantong WF-1J Contact Plate Freezer

Nantong WF-1J Contact Plate Freezer

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1 x Nantong Sinrofreeze contact plate freezer.

Capacity: 700-800kg per batch.

Condition: Used. Good working order.

Suitable for batch loading of fish, meat, poultry, vegetables, fruit products in trays, frames, cartons and boxes.

Double contact freezing of a wide range of product thickness.

The product can be batch loaded into the freezing frames between the aluminium freezing plates; the plates fall horizontally to give true double contact freezing. Once the freezing cycle completes, the plates are lifted and opened. Product can then be unloaded. The cycle can be continuous with loading a batch of new fresh product.

Small footprints and easy to install and operate.


ModelWF-1J Contact Plate Freezer
Serial Number9709
Stock NumberUKFM2-2795