Norfo Multi-bandsaw automatic block cutting system

Norfo Multi-bandsaw automatic block cutting system

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1 x Complete Norfo automatic block sawing system for fish blocks or meat mince blocks. 

The Norfo sawing line is meant for cutting up standard 7.5 kg blocks. They are fed lengthwise or crosswise. 

The blocks can be frozen fish, meat, poultry.

The machine cuts to size in portions, using the 3-dimensional cutting machine.

The 3 x machines are joined together by conveyors to produce 20mm, 30mm, 40mm cubes, fish fingers, strips, planks or of any size you require. The block is fed through one end and will come out the other end to the required specification. This is done by programming the details into the machine/computer.

The system consists of:

1 x Automatic bandsaw. 

1 x Multi bandsaw. 

1 x Portion Saw ABS. 

Location - Northumberland, UK. 


ModelMulti-bandsaw automatic block cutting system
Stock NumberUKFM2-2793