Torry Twin-belt IQF freezer

Torry Twin-belt IQF freezer

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1 x Torry Twin-Belt Freezer.

Twin solid band stainless steel belts, each belt is 1500mm wide.

Overall dimensions (tunnel) - 11.3m long x 4.45m wide, x 2.87m high.

R449A refrigerant, with Grasso RC4212E compressor plant.

HC Coil Air-cooled condenser, with 10 x fan cooling. Model - MQD 2300,

The Torry continuous air blast IQF freezer provides an efficient, hygienic method of rapid Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) for a wide range of food products, most important feature is its solid stainless steel belt, which protects the food product from damage and contamination.

This can freeze a wide range of products including whole and filleted fish, shell fish, cuttlefish, added-value fish products, a range of processed meats, fruit and vegetables.

Can still be viewed insitu.

Approx hourly output – 1000kg/h (on fish fillets). 


ModelTwin-belt IQF freezer