Yamato TSDW-205W

Yamato TSDW-205W

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Semi-Automatic Table Top Dataweigh

Date of manufacture - 2017. 

Number of weigh heads - 12. 

Combination speed - 20-25 wpm. 

Maximum weight - 1500g. 

Weight increments - 1g. 

Electric supply - 230v, 50hz, 1 phase. 

Semi-Automatic Weigher/ Scale – 205 with 12 Actuators

The flexible weighing solution.

The perfect weighing solution for "difficult" products, which need to be packaged at fixed weights for the supermarkets shelves. The machines in this series are unique to the market and fill the need for processing between manual and automatic packaging.

• Combination speed 20 to 25 wpm

• Number of weigh heads 12

• Net weight for flat conveyor 150 kg

• Net weight for V-shape conveyor 160 kg

• Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C

• Available with flat and V-shape conveyor

The main computer calculates the desired combination in a fraction of a second and activates the conveyor belt in the relevant actuator units. The targeted product amount is forwarded ready for packing.

With its excellent hygienic properties (IP65), the weigher can be used for virtually any application while respecting the hygiene standards of the international food industry.

The machine is optimally suited for the weighing of high-quality single items with predetermined weights that are destined to be sold in the self-service section of supermarkets. Meats as well as fish and sea food are examples here. Semi-automatic multiheaded weighers are also extensively used in the weighing and packaging of fresh fruit and vegetables.


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