2000 Bilwinco DW60/10-D Portable Multihead Weigher with Elevator

2000 Bilwinco DW60/10-D Portable Multihead Weigher with Elevator

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1 x Bilwinco 10-head mobile weigher. 

Model - DW60/10-D. 

Date of manufacture - 2000.

Weight range - 10g-1000g per drop. 

Electric supply - 400v, 50hz, 3 phase. 

Overall dimensions - 1400mm W x 1900mm L x 2000mm H.

Extended height - Up to 3500mm.

This Bilwinco weigher is on a mobile support frame designed for versatile and flexible weighing and packaging processes.

The multihead weigher is mounted on the support frame, which is equipped with wheels and a lifting/lowering device allowing you to adjust the height of the weigher to different packaging machine sizes.

A weigher on wheels can be rolled away from your packaging line for a complete high-pressure wash-down, and you can lower the weigher to the floor for more efficient cleaning.

To be supplied with:

1 x Intralox flyted belt swan-neck conveyor. 

Belt width - 280mm. 

Pitch - 250mm. 

Discharge height - 3m high. 

Flyte - 90mm each. 

System previously used for weighing frozen chicken pieces. 

Location - South Wales. 


ModelDW60/10-D Portable Multihead Weigher with Elevator
Stock NumberUKFM2-2346