1 x GEI Turbo 8-station rotary pot filling and sealing system, index driven, comprising of:

1 x GEI Turbo volumetric twin-head depositor. Model – D102P. All stainless steel and mobile, on wheels. Dimensions – 700mm wide x 1300mm long x 2100mm high. Weight – 200kg.
1 x GEI Turbo 8-station rotary filler and sealer. Was being used for 86mm wide / 110ml polymer pots. Dimensions – 2m wide x 2m high. Weight – 800kg. Will fill and seal 2 x pots simultaneously giving a maximum output/speed of up to 50 units/minute. This machine has stations to:
Drop pots
Receive twin-head depositor
Drop foil
Seal foil
Discharge pots

This system can feed directly onto conveyor / metal detector belt (not included). 

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