De-stoning/Puree/Pulping Machine

Some of the items have been use for a maximum of 20 hours, as a trial, and some items are unused/brand new.



  • GKE – H Apple Bin Tipper
  • KWEM 1000 Fruit Washer/Elevator & Mill System
  • Mill by-pass system for KWEM 1000
  • KEP 650 De-stoning/Puree/Pulping Machine
  • 0.8mm sieve for KEP 650
  • 3mm sieve for KEP 650
  • Kiesel SP 04 M OS Eccentric Screw Pump
  • Euromachines SZ-0 Buffer Tank
  • Liverani filling gun
  • Hoses, connectors & clips
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