stainless steel rectangular cheese vat, capacity 1000L. Great condition, surplus to requirement. Made by Barvick Engineering, Henstridge, Somerset.
Water jacket heated either by domestic central heating/hot water system and/or via 2 x 12kW integrated immersion heaters (3 phase supply required), includes pump to circulate. It was used to make several types; soft cheeses, semi soft and cheddar, taking temp. of milk to 42 degrees (may well go higher).
2 x removable automated stirrer paddles included, powered by overhead motors. Rotation automated only, not traverse. Removeable outlet curd sieve. Outlet butterfly value. Calibrated volume dipstick. Installation required by electrician/plumber, with some additional electrical cabling and water pipes needed in order to connect to new system/circuit.
External dimension: Overall length: 3200mm, W = 1330mm x H = 890mm, H =(including clearance for overhead paddle motors) = 2080MM Located in Fordinbridge

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