Sterilizer knives central production NIRO-TECH is intended to sterilize the blades in hot water sharpening tools and other tools used in meat and poultry. It is made of stainless steel.

The basic element of the sterilizer is a container with a knife and insert so-called liners. basket sterilizer, each basket has 4 knives and 1 stalk. Water supply is performed by 1/2 “, and the excess water flows down the overflow tube. Is used to heat the water heater (heaters) which controls the operation of temperature control system.

Purpose: sterilization of blades and transparent reinforcements.

STC 5    5        380V 2 x 1,2kW        ½ “
STC 10  10     380V 3 x 1,2kW         ½ “
STC 16  16     380V, 3 2kW              ½ “
STC 20   20    380V, 3 x 2kW           ½ “
STC 30  30     380V, 4 x 2kW           ½ “

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